Robison~Anton Elegance by Marcia Pollard

Rayon Thread

500 yard spools. Gives a natural shading to your embroidery

Colors -- 500 yds/spool (colors may vary slightly from image)(retails for $9.95 ea.) $5.25 ea

MP001 Crystal Cream

MP002 Cognac

MP003 Venice

MP004 Melanie

MP005 Porcelain Rose Porcelain Rose

MP006 Misty Rose Misty Rose

MP007 Dahlia
MP008 Obsession

MP009 Florence

MP010 Chantilly

MP011 Shiraz

MP012 Genevieve

MP013 Tapestry

MP014 Carmella

MP015 Mystique

MP016 Passion

MP017 Jennifer

MP018 Splendor

MP019 Capri Capri

MP020 Emily Emily

1 left

MP021 Patricia

MP022 Truffle

MP023 Grandeur

MP024 Danube

MP025 Lismore

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