Unfortunately, this line has been discontinued from YLI. The colors we have in stock are it. I have contacted many of our friends that are vendors and many are sold out. To my knowledge, we have the most extensive line left. It is a shame as this thread has really made my embroidery and even used as quilting thread I love it on my quilts.

1000 Yards, 35 weight, 1 inch variegations

Perfect for Embroidery, quilting, embellishing and decorative applique.

All cones have a snap base.

Vibrant Colors -- 1,000 yds/spool (retails for $9.95 ea.) $7.75 ea

01V Sunrise

02V Sunset
03V Forest

04V Meadow

05V Grassy

06V Sky

07V Sky II

08V Caribe

09V Ocean

10V Teddy

11V Uncle Sam
12V Fawn
13V Stone
14V Thunder
15V Rose

16V Tulip

17V Iris

18V Wood

19V Burgundy
20V Peach
21V Sand
22V Brights
Sorry Sold Out 23V Pastel
24V Jewel
25V Primary