The Project Page

I thought I'd share some of my projects with you.


Easterbasket tote Book covers

Designs from Thread Sketches ITH bibs from

bib for a new family addition

turtle from Thread Sketches

Kindel cover designs from Thread SketchesMemo pad Thread Sketche

eye maskdesign from A time to Stitch


Design by Sewterific

bee tee for MelanieTee for daughter that raises Bees. Designs by Thread Sketches

Design by Sewterific


summer outfits for kids

totes and bags for family and gifts

This was Halie's first hand made jammies. I couldn't resist

table topper made for mother in law with her grands and great grands

Sling made for one of our rescue Pomeranians, Angel. Can you tell she's just tore up being carted around by granddaughter Victoria?

Design by Sewterific

petscreening tote

Design by Sewterific


backpack made and donated for Breast Cancer event Design by Sewterific

Tote made for my niece Brooke design by Needle Dreams

Pillowcase for my mother

ditty bag and pouches for my grand daughter Halie

Click on Zac's bag to see many of the schlep bags I have made. They are totally addicting to make. This one was made adding a zipper for my nephew Zac, however, his dad uses it. LOL Way to go Mike! Sewterific

Anyone that knows me knows I so love animals, These designs were digitized by Needle Dreams, I have have had people try to purchase this tote when I'm using it.


This table topper was made in memory of my Mother in Law for her Sunday school ladies. The design was donated by chantells-creations Mom Kitchell passed March 2004.

Thank you Chantell, the ladies loved it and the book marker medallions.

I quilted this jacket for my mom from the Cardinal set from KO Designs His Christmas 6 set.




I was able to salvage this jumper with sewteri-fic designs birdhouses I made these hot pads for a swap using Retro Boulevard Chefs.

Walker bag I made for my Uncle Jr. He retired after 35 years on the Rail Road. from BFC Creations

Baby wash cloths from Heirloom Collections these are Cross Stitch and goes quickly.


This is a sweatshirt I did for my dad from the split Indian from Cheryl's Embroidery. Click on it to see the detail. It's beautiful!.

This was a set of coveralls I fixed the hole in the pocket for one of my granddaughters. The Zebra and paws are from Needle Dreams


My youngest sister wanted a aquare tree skirt for her tree. She decorates in pinks and mauve. These Red work designs are from Needle Dreams

I actually made something for myself. I treated myself with this butterfly bag from Needle Dreams